Trip Cancellation & "No-Shows"

Trip Cancellation

If a client no longer needs their scheduled ride, or must cancel the first or second half of their trip, please call the dispatch office by the close of business the day before your trip.  For emergency cancellation, please cancel your trip no later than 1 hour before the scheduled trip time.  Failure to cancel in advance will be considered a "No-Show" and could result in suspension of service.  Please see “No-Show” Policy below.

No-Show Policy

Alltrans - Demand Response and Paratransit services – A customer will be considered a “No-Show” if he/she fails to cancel a scheduled trip at least one hour prior to their scheduled pick up time.  At the time of call, detail which part of the trip is cancelled and if cancelling in both directions.  If a customer incurs three (3) “No-Shows” with-in a six month period, Alltrans services may be suspended for one month, unless the passenger or his/her representative can show circumstances that were beyond their control.   

Customers can call Alltrans at 301-724-1255 to schedule a new trip or cancel an existing trip.