Programs & Services


JSAP (Jail Substance Abuse Program) in collaboration with the Allegany County Health Department, we provide an intensive substance abuse recovery program.  Inmates within the program meet individually and in a group setting to receive counseling, treatment and referrals.  We are conducting the SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment) model.  Inmates are screened on numerous occasions, given intervention, and referred to treatment while incarcerated and upon release.  

Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) /Narcotics Anonymous(N.A.) 

This group meets each week to converse and manage a 12 step plan to break the addiction cycle of alcohol.


Inmates may purchase clothing, hygiene articles, stationary needs, and snacks at their own expense from the facility commissary.


The intended purpose of the Allegany County Adult Education program at ACDC is to provide for the inmates an opportunity to improve their academic skills.  The areas which receive the greatest focus are reading and math, but also extend to writing, social studies and science.  The ultimate goal is to help prepare each student with the academic tools needed to continue their education and/or enter the workforce upon their release from incarceration. 

While many students may not see college as part of their future, it is hoped that the education which they receive at ACDC will take them one step closer to achieving their high school diploma.  While many of the students at ACDC do not take advantage of the educational opportunities available to them on the outside, it is the desire of the instructor to assist each student in furthering his/her understanding of math and reading so they may use these skills to better their life outside whatever endeavor they may pursue. 

In the big picture, the adult education program at ACDC is here to enrich the lives of every student who participates, with the prospect that they will take what they have learned to better their lives on the outside, which ultimately will benefit their families, and improve their neighborhoods and the community at large.

Indigent Services

The facility provides certain items to those inmates who have no funds.  Bus tickets and housing assistance and other life need referrals.


The Allegany County Detention Center Library serves inmates and the public by helping to educate inmates, reduce recidivism, and improve family bonds through reading.  General Education books and G.E.D. classes are available for inmates to help inmates obtain a high school equivalency while incarcerated.  Education allows inmates to obtain the skills they need to transition back into society once they are released and the library can play in an important role in helping inmates learn these skills. 

In addition to educational opportunities, the library helps inmates have positive and meaningful contact with the family.  Some inmates try to read the same materials their children are reading, so they have something to talk about during visits.  Other inmates check out drawing books to learn how to illustrate pictures to send their children and family members through the mail.

The Allegany County Detention Center Library also provides legal material to inmates who want to seek help on their own.  The library provides an Encyclopedia set of Maryland’s Annotated Code of Law, as well as an online system of case law provided through Lexis Nexis. One day a week is scheduled for inmates to seek legal assistance.

Finally, the Allegany County Detention Center Library can act as a positive influence in inmates' lives.  It is a safe place within the jail and is seen as a valuable place by many inmates. It provides a place of escape from the harsh realities of jail, a place to reflect on one’s life, grow, and find peace, and a place to productively spend free time.  With a catalog of over two thousand books, inmates are able to check out books for a couple of weeks at a time, providing a mental escape for inmates when they return to their blocks.  Inmates can also seek to alter their lifestyle by reading many of the self-help books located within it.


We provide medication to the inmates four times a day (9, 1, 5, and 9).  We have 24/7 nursing staff, so that all emergencies are handled by either an RN or an LPN. We complete sick call 7 days a week and they are done within 12 to 24 hours for all sick calls.  We provide flu vaccines and tuberculosis testing yearly to inmates and to all officers and medical staff. We also provide emergency and non-emergency services to all of the officers, support staff and inmates.  We provide counseling to inmates 8 hours per week.  Medical provides dental services 6 hours per month to inmates. We provide chronic clinic services to all inmates initially and then every 90 days which includes patient education, laboratory studies, etc.  We provide blood pressure checks, dressing changes, stat labs, ekg’s and neb treatments for Asthma and COPD inmates, etc.  Medical does initial intake screening and then physicals on day 14 of being incarcerated and then yearly physicals and PPD’s.  We provide outside appointments with specialists and ob/gyn services as well. We have a MOU with the Allegany County Detention Center and we send inmates there for STD, Hepatitis C and HIV testing.  All out of facility appointments are entered into ERMA (Electronic Record Management Application) by the AA Debbie Yutzy. The appointments have to be approved by CCS before we can send the inmate out.  Also, anyone admitted to the hospital without insurance is now eligible for Medicaid and we help with that process to help save money on our budget. 


The Detention Center employees a Re-entry Coordinator, who provides case management, referrals services and coordinating program activities for ex-offenders who have completed their jail sentence.  They also assist with connecting housing, employment, behavior health and substance abuse services.  They meet with the inmates to understand their strengths and limitations to re-entering society upon release. The inmate submits an Inmate Request form to the coordinator, 30 days prior to their release. They receive a reply within 10 days.  Often it’s as simple as supplying the inmate with proper clothing to leave the facility.  Inmates who may have been arrested in the warm summer months but are being released in the winter will need proper attire just to survive the elements.  The Coordinator facilitates these requests. They also provide for agencies to enter the facility for job training through for inmates so they can be employed when they return to the community, and parenting classes for those with children.  The purpose of re-entry is simple, but not easy.  Be an agent of change to reducing recidivism.  Be the conduit to Improving pre and post-release services, and act as a facilitator to better prepare the inmate for release and connecting them with local community resources.


The Chaplains at A.C.D.C. are a source for religious literature and spiritual comfort for a variety of faiths.  They provide a listening ear when individuals are experiencing a difficult time in their lives.  They are willing to listen to anyone about anything, although they don’t have all the answers or can’t do anything to assist them with their legal or personal issues, they do offer spiritual guidance and a comforting companionship in times of great need.  All denominations are served when incarcerated. The Chaplains provide spiritual counseling and prayer for those who desire it.  They obtain and distribute literature and texts to those who request it.  They try to find small ways to bring a little comfort and joy into the residents’ lives. They work to facilitate a small celebration during the holidays for the children of the incarcerated.

Work Opportunities

County Work Crew - Inmates may participate in a county work program in conjunction with the Allegany County Department of Public Works.  Facility Workers - Inmates may be granted the privilege of working within the facility to earn additional time off of their sentence.  Positions within their housing unit for cleaning purposes are available, as well as positions in the kitchen, laundry, and floor maintenance crew.  All positions teach trade skills that can be used beyond the facility when the inmate has completed their sentence.

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