Allegany County Restaurant Relief Fund

The Allegany County Restaurant Relief Grant is now closed 

as all funds have been depleted. 

Thank you to all those who have applied.

The Allegany County Restaurant Relief Fund Grant provides financial relief to locally owned and operated businesses within the restaurant industry that have experienced significant economic hardship or unusual expenses because of COVID-19.

The relief program is funded through the State of Maryland’s Rainy Day Fund. Allegany County, Maryland, was awarded $389,729. Grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis to qualified applicants.

Grant Amounts:

$5,000 Grant for seasonal operations
$8,000 Grant for year-round operations

Deadline for Application: 

4:00 pm EST on Friday, February 12, 2021. Should the funds be depleted to qualified applicants before the deadline, the grant will close.


The applicant must...

  • own, rent, or lease a permanent or mobile commercial food in Allegany County, MD, as of March 5, 2020 (non-profit organizations, commissaries, food banks, groceries, farmers markets, vending machines, home kitchens, etc. are not eligible) 
  • not be a franchise or national chain (unless able to provide proof of local ownership and operation)
  • have a current Allegany County business license.
  • have been operational and earning revenue in Allegany County prior to March 5, 2020 (the date when Maryland’s COVID-19 State of Emergency went into effect).
  • be in good standing with the State of Maryland and be current on all county tax liabilities, and have no open zoning or permitting code enforcement issues.

By completing this application, the applicant accepts the following terms:

The following are eligible expenses that the applicant is permitted to use awarded grant funds towards:

  1. Working capital, such as rent, payroll, and job training.
  2. Purchase of equipment and services to expand outdoor dining, such as tents, heaters, warmers, and carts.
  3.  Infrastructure improvements, such as HVAC system upgrades.
  4. Technology to support carryout and delivery.
  5. Purchase of PPE and disposable food containers and utensils.
  6. Sanitization services.

 All of the information set forth in the application is true and correct.

  1. The Grantee and the person signing below have the authority or right to sign this formal application and agree to its terms.
  2. The applicant is, and will remain, in compliance with the laws of the Federal Government and the State of Maryland and its political subdivisions, including all laws prohibiting discrimination.
  3. I understand that any document that is a public record under the Maryland Public Information Act is subject to disclosure in response to a request for public records under the Act. 
  4. If any information or certification in the application or any attachments to the application is false or materially misleading, the Grantee shall repay any awarded grant funds back to Allegany County, Maryland, in the full amount. 
  5.  I understand that I will be required to complete a W-9 issued by Allegany County Government to accept any grant funds.