State's Attorney

It is our duty and will to represent the interests of the people of Allegany County in criminal legal matters occurring within our county.  Our chief duty is to prosecute criminals accused of crimes taking place in Allegany County.

The State’s Attorney, along with his two deputies and seven Assistant State’s Attorneys, pledge to make Allegany County a safe and lawful community for each and every resident.  Furthermore, we will bring to justice any and all who are found guilty of breaking our laws and causing our residents to feel unsafe.

Education instead of Incarceration - Allegany County Diversion Program

In 2020, the Allegany County Narcotics Task Force seized over 1,300 grams of Fentanyl. Approximately 1,200 grams had already been seized by the end of March 2021.  Allegany County experienced a 108.7% increase in opioid deaths in 2020, compared to 2019 per the Opioid Operational Command Center 2020 Annual report.  The 2020 annual report also notes that “the largest regional percent increase in opioid-related fatal overdoses 2020 was observed in Western Maryland.”

Our diversion program will increase the number of first and second time offenders who are engaging in treatment and decrease the number of first and second time offenders who are prosecuted. We are able to help eligible individuals contact treatment providers and programs that will better assist them and their family members struggling with addiction.

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

We focus on first and second time drug offenders, regardless of prior history into treatment/education to further prevent recidivism, continued drug use and possible overdose.  This program, the first of its kind in our community is designed to allow the individual to engage in treatment as opposed to facing criminal prosecution. Individuals eligible for the program will have their case placed on the Stet Docket with the condition that they obey all laws, have a drug evaluation and complete treatment as recommended.  If satisfactorily completed, the charges will be dismissed.

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Victims & Witnesses

The State’s Attorney’s Office for Allegany County is committed to assisting and supporting the victims and witnesses of crime. There are resources offering helpful information and useful services to victims. Some resources provide guidance to victims and witnesses throughout the criminal justice process in order to ensure that they are aware of their rights and the resources available to them.

The State’s Attorney’s Office for Allegany County has no tolerance for attempts to intimidate victims, witnesses, or officers of the court. If you have been threatened, intimidated, or influenced regarding a case, you should immediately contact the law enforcement agency that investigated the case, or the Assistant State’s Attorney handling your case.

In an emergency situation, call 911. Do so as soon as possible so that the threats can be documented and appropriate action taken.

Contact Information

  • Autumn Centofonti, Victim/Witness Unit Coordinator
    Allegany County State’s Attorney’s Office
    Phone: (301) 777-5962
    Available Services: The office is closed, victims can call the office and leave a message for Autumn Centofonti, and the call will be returned
  • Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center (MCVRC)

    Main Office Phone: (301) 952-0063 or (877) 842-8461
    Western Region – Garrett, Allegany, Washington: (240) 335-4013
    Available Services: Provides with information, assistance, and support throughout case proceedings.

  1. James Elliott

    James Elliott, Esq.

    State’s Attorney

  2. Main Office & Circuit Court Division

    Physical Address
    59 Prospect Square, Suite 111
    Cumberland, MD 21502

    Fax: 301-777-5964

  3. District Court Division

    Physical Address
    123 Liberty Street
    Cumberland, MD 21502

    Fax: 301-777-5579

  4. Combined Criminal Investigation Unit (C3I)

    Physical Address
    20 Bedford Street
    Cumberland, MD 21502

    Fax: 301-759-6536

Jane's Place, Inc. - Child Advocacy Center

Jane’s Place is a nonprofit organization and the designated Child Advocacy Center for Allegany County. As a Child Advocacy Center or CAC, we provide a safe, child-friendly facility where victims (ages 0-17) of abuse, assault or neglect may be interviewed and recorded, undergo forensic medical examinations, and receive therapy services.

Collaboration is key at Jane’s Place. Our staff support and coordinate with officials from child protective services, law enforcement, medical and mental health providers, prosecution, and Allegany County’s Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) during the investigation and prosecution process. By working together, we ensure that child victims and their families are given the resources they need during an incredibly difficult time.

Website   |   Phone: 301-722-0016   |   Email

  1. Karen Detrick

    Assistant State's Attorney

  1. Sam Lane

    Deputy State's Attorney

  1. Daniel Dumproff

    Assistant State's Attorney

  1. Jacqueline Phillips

    Assistant State's Attorney

  1. Summer Mossman

    Assistant State's Attorney

  1. Kelly Lysinger

    Assistant State's Attorney

  1. Jon B. Dudiak

    County Investigator

  1. Autumn Centofonti

    Victim Witness Coordinator

  1. Melissa Rounds

    Office Manager

  1. Joshua Kelty

    Assistant State's Attorney

  1. Rebecca Candler

    Assistant State's Attorney

  1. Linda M. Thomas

    Deputy State's Attorney, Administration