Recycling & Solid Waste


The Allegany County Government Recycling & Solid Waste Department works to provide County residents with options for self-service recycling and trash service. Through partnerships with other area solid waste companies, residents have numerous locations available for recycling and trash drop off.  Allegany County does not provide pick-up options for these services. 

The Allegany County Recycling Coordinator is pleased to speak with and make presentations to schools, community organizations, etc. To inquire about this service, contact our Recycling Coordinator via email at

View the 2021-2031 Solid Waste Management Plan

Recycling Videos

Students at Mountain Ridge High School, under the leadership or Mr. Tom Kozikowski, teamed up to create recycling videos in Fall 2023. We want to thank them for their efforts and promotion of Recycling in Allegany County. 

Plastics Recycling  - Contest WINNER!

by Anna Delaney, Reghan Sivic, Jessica Snyder, and Erin Worgan     
4 minutes 38 seconds

Hazardous Waste 

by Brycen Ritchie, Liam Shaw, Iola Sloan, and Claire Raesly     
3 minutes 47 seconds

Paper Recycling 

by Emma Durst, William Patterson, Kenzie Pein, and Tyler Whetzel     
2 minutes 22 seconds

Site Locations Map


Sites by location

Site Operating Accepted Items
Allegany County Recycling Center
End of Kelly Rd, Cumberland
*Cardboard and paper accepted at side of Penn-Mar building along Riverside Ave*
7 Days a week
#1 Plastics, #2 PlasticsCardboard, GlassCans, Newspaper, Office Paper, Magazines, Used Motor Oil, Antifreeze
MV Smith Refuse Site
10111 MV Smith Road, Flintstone

Thurs & Fri
Sun 9am-5pm
#1 Plastics, #2 Plastics, Cardboard, Cans, Newspaper, Used Motor Oil, Antifreeze, Residential Trash
Recycling Area Mountainview Landfill
13300 New Georges Creek Rd, Frostburg
Mon- Fri 7am-3:30pm
Sat 7am - 2pm
#1 Plastics, #2 Plastics, Cardboard, Glass, Cans, Newspaper, Office Paper, Magazines, Used Motor Oil, Antifreeze, Residential Trash
Oldtown Refuse Site
20124 Oldtown Rd SE, Oldtown
Wed 9:30am-5:30 pm
Sat 9am-5pm
CardboardCans, NewspaperUsed Motor Oil, Residential Trash
Mulch & Yard Trimming Recycling Site
11700 Pittsburgh Plate Glass Rd, Cumberland
7 Days a week 
Yard Trimmings 
Bel-Air Plaza Dawn-Dusk Cans, Newspaper
Staples- LaVale Dawn-Dusk #1 Plastics, #2 Plastics, Cardboard, Cans, Newspaper, Office Paper, Magazines