Special Events Recycling

Environment Article, §9-1712, Annotated Code of Maryland, requires special events organizers to provide for recycling at special events that meet the following three criteria:

  • Includes temporary or periodic use of a public street, publicly owned site or facility, or public park
  • Is expected to have 200 or more persons in attendance
  • Serves food or drink

Projected attendance may be estimated based on past attendance, number registered to attend, the venue's seating capacity, or other similar methods.

Program Documents

Program Enforcement

While the County will cooperate with and assist those regulated entities to comply with the law, the County does not plan to undertake responsibility for enforcement of this law either in its municipal or non-municipal areas.

Questions, comments, and or reports can be directed to the County Recycling Office by email or by phone at 301-777-5933, ext. 359.


The Allegany County Recycling Office can provide recycling bins for free (deposit required) for your special event. Please see the Special Event Recycling Guide for more information. If interested, complete the Special Event Recycling Bin Rental Form and return to the Allegany County Recycling Coordinator.


Recycling Bin Rental Forms