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  1. Connect Allegany Grant Application for Broadband Service Providers
  2. Please note: This application process requires documents to be uploaded for completion. It is suggested that all documents be ready before beginning the application process.
  3. Applicant Information
  4. Contact Information
  5. Project Information:
  6. Estimated Funding Sources:
  7. Project is designed to meet high speed technical standards*
  8. Provider participates in a low-income subsidy program*

    Broadband service providers are required to include at least one low-cost option offered without data usage caps at speeds sufficient for a household with multiple users to simultaneously telework and engage in remote learning.

  9. Area for Investment*

    Check all conditions that apply.

  10. A .shp or .kml/.kmz file map showing properties to receive service in the proposed service area including finite boundaries for each area must be attached to the application. 

  11. Technology Used to Serve the Subscriber:*
  12. Number of Unserved Households and Businesses passed:

    This is your projected subscriber base 

  13. Business plans should include:

    • Executive summary of project

    • Financial projections

    • Timeline for execution

  14. (blue prints, mockups, models, etc.)

  15. Which of the following describe your project? Please check all that apply.*
  16. Are you in good standing with Allegany County Government and the State of Maryland with NO outstanding taxes, fees, or other charges?*

    To verify business “good standing” status in Maryland, click here. To ensure active and good standing status, click here.

  17. State type of Business Structure:*
  18. If grant is awarded, please mail the check to:
  19. To the best of my knowledge and belief, the information contained in this application package is true and correct and I have the authority to sign this document. By completing this application, the applicant accepts the above terms, project details, and meets the eligibility requirements:
  20. I have reviewed and accepted the terms above*
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